Mimosa And The Environment

Mimosa, being in the extractive industry remains committed to guaranteeing  sustainable future development, growth and earnings. The implementation of  ISO 14001 Environmental standard has shaped the Mimosa intervention on  environmental programs. We have partnered with other stakeholders in ensuring  environmental sustainability through reversing the loss of environmental resources,  in line with the millennium development goal on environment.  Every new Mimosa employee goes through basic environmental awareness  training for two full days, and they are re-trained again after 3 years. Every year the  company celebrates the National Tree Planting Day, involving the employees and  surrounding communities. Mimosa has gone beyond day commemorations on  the    tree    planting    and    has    partnered    with    Friends    of    the    Environment    in    starting    a nursery at one of the schools built by Mimosa



Tree Reforestation
The widespread deforestation has turned out to be the chief ecological tragedy  of all times and Zimbabwe is not spared. Mimosa has supported the reforestation  of Zvishavane surrounding communities through a nursery at a local school  Mtshingwe. The nursery produces seedlings, serves as a referral point for all tree,  garden plants and herbs in the province, as well as knowledge dissemination to  communities. The centre has established a positive culture of the planting and  conservation in our communities