Health/ Safety Awareness Campaign

Let’s go zero national health and safety environmental campaign launched in 2012, is drawn from Mimosa Motto “Zero Harm is Possible.”

The campaign aims at promoting safety on the roads, at work, and other places of interaction, as well as aligning to UNAIDS, global HIV/AIDS campaign.

The campaign seeks to extend MIMOSA’s safety philosophy of safe behavioural practices to Zimbabweans through mobilizing stakeholder’s support operations on the basis of shared local national goals.  Main areas of focus are:


  • Zero road accidents
  • Zero pollution and deforestation
  • Zero workplace accidents
  • Zero new HIV Infections and discrimination

Mimosa’s goal is that of integrating its people and safety strategies.  The aim is Zero Harm to anyone in any form.  A faultless safety record is built on creating a positive culture of responsibility among employees through continuous education.

To ensure that the Let’s go Zero campaign is highly impactful, Mimosa has partnered with the National Aids Council (NAC), Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) and the Environmental Management Agency of Zimbabwe (EMA).