Corporate Signature


Mimosa Mining Company (Pvt) Ltd brand resides in the minds of stakeholders,  built up and fortified over time by their experience of us as an organization.  Our logo and the various other elements of our corporate identity are the visual  icons representing our brand. It is not only the design of our brand but more the  underlying values in a brand that matter.


The logo, with two shades of green as a backdrop conjoined by the Mimosa tree,  is representative of the Company’s structure, mission, vision and values. The two  backgrounds denote the two main platinum ore bodies at the mine, the North Hill  and the South Hill. The Mimosa tree, from which the Company derives its fragrant  and elaborate flowers which attract bees and butterflies, giving them life. Likewise,  we strive to provide growth and superior returns to all our stakeholders.


Like any tree, the Mimosa tree’s sustenance depends on the functionality of all its  parts- from the leaves right down to the roots. Similarly the Company’s success  emanates from the interconnectedness of the diverse expertise that all staff  members contribute.