Visiting Mimosa Mine


We the management and employees of Mimosa Mine believe that sustainable value creation and long term viability of the business depends on sound occupational health, safety and environmental management systems. The main objectives of our business policy are:

a)         To identify all aspects and hazards and assessing risks and impacts      SHE related risks pertaining to all our activities, taking necessary steps to reduce such risks/impacts to acceptable levels that do not pose undue risk to our visitors, employees and the community.

b)         To comply with all applicable Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental (HSE) Management legislation

c)         To minimize waste generation and to prevent pollution of the environment and accidents and all health risks from our 
activities, products and services by using environmentally friendly products.

d)         To utilize our resources efficiently and responsibly.

Listed below are key RISKS and ASPECTS categories at Mimosa Mining Company. The visitor should be inducted on the hazards and aspects on site entry.




1. Fire

1. Seepage of contaminated water from tailings

2. Explosives

2. Oil spillages/leaks

3. Bad Hangings

3. Slimes Dam runaway

4. Machinery Hazards; motor vehicle, tractor,dozer

4. Consumption of water/reagents/ore

5. Respiratory – from dust and fumes

5. Disposal of construction material

6. Unhygienic handling of food

6. Illegal tree cutting

7. Electricity

7 Vehicle Emissions

8. Chemical – contact with skin and ingestion

8. Generation of waste

9. Noise

9. Disposal of transformers Contaminated with Poly-chlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) oil


10. Dust/noise emissions



  1. Every visitor shall remain Vigilant, Alert and Aware at all times on the need to prevent accidents, incidents and theft of Company property. Safety and Environmental Regulations must be followed at all times. If you find anyone willfully or unknowingly disobeying regulations, it is your duty to put the person right and thus creating a safe environment for everyone.
  2. Always obey and follow instructions given by any mine official, security officer, safety officer or security guard.
  3. In the event of a siren or gong the visitor shall gather at the designated assembly point.

  4. No person shall enter our premises under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  5. Every visitor shall wear the personal protective equipment in all designated areas at all times.
  6. No one is permitted to operate any mechanical, electrical or mobile equipment which they are not authorized to use.
  7. Horse play including running in work areas is strictly prohibited.

  8. All warning signs devices and notices must be obeyed, includes Barricades, No Entry Signs, No smoking signs, Danger Warning signs, Siren, Whistles, Red lights, Speed limit signs etc.

  9. Always keep the work place tidy to maintain good housekeeping.

  10. No employees shall drink any water from anywhere, surface or underground except from a tap or container labeled “drinking water” and colour coded green.

  11. No person shall interfere, render inoperative or inaccessible, any apparatus or device (Fire Extinguishers, Guards, Barricades etc) put in place to safeguard life and health.

  12. All visitors shall use the proper toilets provided
  13. No smoking of any tobacco products shall be allowed in all buildings, at underground and surface operations, except at designated smoking zones on surface operations, as listed below:
  • HR/Admin ‐ Area in front of HR Offices

  • Plant‐ Plant Process Rejects Bunkers, behind South western wing office block, behind Laboratory Offices, Crushing Plant near effluent sump

  • Assets/MHL‐ Front of blacksmith area

  • Mining – Front of Lamp room
  • Commercial Estates –Front of Single quarters, Behind Chivasa Dining, Front of Gazebo, Front of Directors lodge, Front of Number 13 Lodge, Front of Number A to D Lodges