Safety Health Environment (S.H.E)



Mimosa Mining Company remains committed to sustainable economic development. We will work in line with Government policies regarding responsible and ecologically friendly business practices, as well as paying particular attention to guidelines and policies outlined by Environmental Management Agencies.


Guiding Policies:


  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety System.
  • ISO 14001 certification during a three (3) year Certification Renewal Audit conducted in March 2014.


Our policy is to achieve and maintain ZERO HARM in all our operations, and to minimise our impact on the environment through sustainable extraction and processing of our mineral ore resources.  



Salvage and Scrap Yard  for storage of all scrapped material e.g rubber, metal, used oil. Scrap material is sold to companies with contractual agreement with Mimosa and relevant EMA PERMITS for used oil.

Our Business Policy:

We are committed to achieving environmental sustainability through;


  • Maintenance of an integrated business management system that complies to ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, legal and other requirements that apply to our business operations and continually review and improve its performance.
  • External audited on ISO 14001 Environmental Management System every six months
  • Conducting comprehensive legal and other audits every 2 years.
  • Conducting internal audits twice a year
  • Subscribing to Government Gazettes and policy updates to ensure updated Environmental legislation.
  • Prevention of pollution and risk of injury or ill health as a result of our activities, products or services.
    • Pre task risk assessment which is done daily to identify environmental aspects
    • Insuring comprehensive standard operating procedures are in place
    • Consideration of pollution prevention measures which are  done at project planning , design stage, procurement stage
  • Training/Evaluation of all Staff/Visitors on the business policy
    • Conducting quarterly community liaison meetings with surrounding communities on Environmental business policy appreciation
  • Monitoring Mechanism
    • Mimosa tracks trend consumption of key resources- water, energy, fuel, oil and explosives on a monthly basis.
    • Monthly fall out dust monitoring.
    • Monthly water monitoring of boreholes and surfaces waters for potential polluting of surface and ground water resources.
    • Corrective remedial action is taken were necessary.



Concrete lined Emergency facilities fro management of process material in the event of power outages or duringplant shutdown to prevent pollution and also conserve resources.



Lets Go Zero Health/Safety Awareness Campaign:


The campaign aims to extend Mimosa’s philosophy of safe behavioural practices to Zimbabweans. Its main focus is on Zero New HIV infections and discrimination; zero carnage on the road, zero pollution and deforestation and zero workplace accidents. Mimosa’s goal is that of integrating its people and safety strategies. (Not to injure anyone in any form). It is Mimosa’s strong held belief that ZERO HARM IS POSSIBLE.





Wellness Initiatives:


At Mimosa, our wellness initiatives revolve around lifestyle change with particular focus on a holistic approach to reducing risk and improving productivity. Our programmes focus on physical fitness and have broadened beyond the important yet limited confines of HIV and AIDS awareness and prevention.

Employee and community wellness is central to our operations as our vision is to implement and run a company whose heart and essence is focused on PEOPLE.

Mimosa aims to create a healthy work environment through wellness programmes, policies and practices that make it easier for employees to make healthy choices. We have a fully equipped staff clinic with occupational health testing facilities and qualified health personnel. Furthermore, to raise community awareness on healthy living, the organisation also carries out broad-based wellness programs.